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Success Stories

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"You guys clearly bring a much higher caliber of candidate to us than the other recruiters we have used in the past."

- C.S., Director of Sales (Client)

"You are the only recruiter we use for finding talent within the industry. Your competitors seem to send me the same candidates I can find myself by posting my own ads on the job boards."

- D.F., Human Resources Manager (Client)

"I have been very pleased with your professionalism, your process and certainly the results. I have no problem recommending your firm."

- R.C., President (Client)

"I have been working with you off and on for nearly 2 years. In that time I have been contacted by other recruiters also. I can attest that your level of professionalism and dedication sets you apart form the others I have had personal experience with. I was most impressed that you were truly concerned with finding the right "fit" for the next step in my career. I never felt like I was just a commission check to you."

- J.D., Sales Manager & successfully placed candidate

"You are the type of person that one can completely trust. I like that fact that you follow up with the smallest detail to make sure everything is going smoothly. It has been a pleasure to work with you.”

- J.S., I.T. Sales Consultant & successfully placed candidate

"My experience with Digital Talent Group was fantastic! The entire hiring process spanned over 3 months. During this time frame Digital Talent Group acted as the liaison between me and the employer. When communications seemed to stall or drag Digital Talent Group was able to get the ball rolling again with their well established contacts (the owners) within the organization. Digital Talent Group helped me stay focused and kept me from becoming frustrated with the lengthy process. If it was not for Digital Talent Group I would not be where I am now. Thank you Digital Talent Group!"

- S.F., Vertical Market Specialist & successfully placed candidate

"Thank you for all your help. I appreciate all your efforts. This certainly wasn't the easiest match to put together, especially with the relocation piece of it. But you managed to keep things focused and moving forward. And your assistance in putting all the pieces together was just invaluable."

- W.S., Director of Sales & successfully placed candidate

"I am really looking forward to my new position. I am really glad that you kept me in mind since our initial discussion months ago. Thank you for helping to pull it all together."

- J.G., Vice President of Service & a successfully placed candidate