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How Digital Talent Group is Different

And What it Means to Your Firm

How We Are Different

The Active vs. Passive Candidate

We at DTG are more like the headhunters of old – we rely much less on the internet, job boards, and resume banks than our competitors do. Most of our clients are already utilizing these tools – we don’t believe it’s appropriate to waste our clients’ time or money by duplicating efforts.

Our searches begin by thoroughly researching the local (and national, if necessary) talent pool of our client’s main competitors. Our Research & Marketing Team will typically spend anywhere from three to six weeks building a geographically appropriate database of talent from within the office equipment industry. Once this database is complete, we begin the process of contacting potential candidates.

While the majority of “recruiters” rely on email as the preferred mode of initially contacting a potential candidate, we choose to pick up the phone and call them. Our years of experience in the office equipment & document management industries enable us to build a rapport with candidates that most other recruiters simply can’t match. When we speak with a candidate, we understand and can relate to the challenges and frustrations he/she feels working in the industry. Our goal is to build a relationship with each candidate and, if we feel we have a better opportunity for them, we will present our client as a possible alternative to their current employment situation.

Our process requires significantly more time and effort than simply posting a position on the job boards and waiting (and hoping) for qualified candidates to send their resumes. However, our process yields a significantly higher percentage of Passive candidates than our competitors. And because we are focused exclusively on only the industries we recruit for, our clients are assured that they receive qualified candidates with the experience and background needed to hit the ground running and provide and immediate return on investment.