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At Work For You

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Every member of our recruiting team has experience in the office equipment and document management industries. Our experience runs the gamut from selling in a geographic territory to senior management.

We understand the challenges of the industry, from both a sales and service perspective. Because we have walked in your shoes, we can relate to unique industry issues that can lead someone to consider making a career change.

Our commitment to every candidate is to work with him or her on an individual level, and to be sensitive to each person’s unique set of values, desires and concerns. Our goal is to always find a win-win situation between our clients and our candidates. While it is critical that we carefully match a candidate’s background & experience with an opportunity and a client, we believe it is also imperative that each individual’s career and personal goals & objectives are also matched appropriately.

We are also aware that confidentiality and discretion are of utmost importance to most candidates we speak with. We will not share any candidate’s confidential information with any client until the candidate approves. We realize that even though we work in a large industry, it’s a small world.